The Mrs. Mavilda Day Thread Got Struck By Lightning

Many years ago, the greedy Mrs. Mavilda wanted only one thing for Christmas: to make the orphans in the orphanage she ran miserable by chopping down a pine tree which they had given a name for some reason. These sad kids had named the pine tree “Mrs. Hopewell” because they thought she was alive and would give them all a mommy and a daddy. But Mrs. Mavilda wanted none of that. What gave her joy in life was using the donations she got to run the orphanage on gambling. It didn’t matter to her if she won or lost. What mattered was that the kids weren’t the ones getting the money, and that made her happy.

Anyway, the feud between the children and Mrs. Mavilda ended in a standoff, as the kids stood strong in front of the tree as Mrs. Mavilda tried to chop it down with a chainsaw. By the way, she was cool with killing the children at this point. Even though there were a ton of witnesses who would’ve been there to report what she did to the cops.

Anyway, Santa Claus showed up and had her struck with a bolt of lightning. He then gave the orphans new clothing with a couple of snaps from his fingers. Yes, Santa can zap from his fingers. You didn’t know this?

Anyway, don’t worry about Mrs. Mavilda. She’s good now, and I promise she’s not dead and barbecued in the snow somewhere, her flesh slowly smoking. Nope. She’s totally fine.

Have a good day thread, everyone!