Jimmy: The Nominations

Since it’s the Holiday Season, let’s try our first Classic Movie Star with arguably the most famous Holiday Movie.

But is it our favorite?

Born in Indiana, Pennsylvania in May of 1908, James “Jimmy” Stewart is one of the most beloved Movie Stars of the Classic Era. With over 103 credits, he won 1 Academy Award, plus an Honorary Academy Award, out of 5 nominations (which seems way too little.) He won a Golden Globe (for a TV Drama) and the Cecil B. DeMille Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from SAG and the National Board of Review, and the Kennedy Center Honor.

And he played the Accordion.

He also was the first movie star to enlist in World War 2, in the Air Force. Walter Matthau was one of his Sergeants, too. He also married just one lady, Gloria Stewart (not the Titanic lady), married for 45 years until her death in 1994.

The one two punch of the deaths of Jimmy Stewart in July 1997 and Princess Diana in September affected my disaster of a life at that time. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong that summer. I remember it well.

But I have fond memories of Jimmy Stewart, and let’s see which memories of him YOU liked best.

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