30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 8: The Best Game Soundtrack

Now, here’s one that’s going to cause some controversy or some really hard choices to be made.

What’s the best game soundtrack that you’ve heard?

Thinking of gaming soundtracks is something that I’ll admit always kinds of amuses me because coming from the coin-op age and the old Atari 2600 period, the sound was largely the sounds of the things on the screen, the bloop of the aliens in Space Invaders or the mysterious noise of the UFO in Asteroid.

Games have come a long way since then in so many ways and the soundtracks will vary on the types of games we play. Some will hit because of emotional scenes, others because of humor. For me, the one that still sticks with me may be a bit of a cheat in a way but I played Battlefield Vietnam for so very long and never tired of the soundtrack that it had. It still sticks with me now even though it’s been so long since I last actually played it.

So, we want to know your best/favorite game soundtrack!

Bonus question: Yeah, we’re going obvious here – what’s the worst or most mismatched soundtrack to a game? Or a game that didn’t deserve such a great soundtrack?