30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 7: The Best PC Game

We talked a couple of days ago about the best console games and we definitely wanted to do that for the PC side as well. The problem is that there really isn’t a big clearly defined generational aspect to it or the ability to really break it down by “console” so that there are distinct divisions to work with.

PC Gaming does have its shifts that it goes through but it’s a lot more blurred. So we’re going to go kind of loose with this and leave it so that people can break it down further, but let’s talk about our favorite PC games by the decades. This lets us older gamers share some of what drove us back in the day (original Sim City and Police Quest were my jam in the 80s when I wasn’t playing Trade Wars on a BBS) to things like X-Wing during the 90s. For me, all I’m playing these days is Cities: Skylines and I’m loving just the creative building/puzzle solving aspects of it all.

What are your best PC games by the decade?