Krampusnacht Thread

December 6th is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, but December 5th belongs to Krampus!

Young children that were kind and nice and did good things for others were rewarded with gold coins in their shoes by St Nicholas. Naughty children would be visited by Krampus, who would take them away in a sack or in a cage. The bad boys and girls would be spirited away to the underworld never to be seen again.

Today, Krampusnacht is celebrated in many Alpine countries with parades as townsmen dress up as the legendary monster, chasing after naughty children and parents alike.

The legend of Krampus has made its way to the shores of America with cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles holding Krampus festivals to the delight of spectators and visitors of these large metropolises.

Remember to be good for goodness sake! Krampus is coming!