Dafoe: The Results

Sorry for the long delay. Somehow my Disgus started hiding Media, and I didn’t want to create a post with just words.

Finally, the Results are in, and it was a close one in the Championship Matchup. It stayed close until the post, well, disappeared into the pages, and I forgot to advertise it.

Not so the Battle for 3rd place, where one film dominated the other.

Without further ado, Your Top 4 Favorite Willem Dafoe Movies!!!






Coming in at #4 is….

Shadow of the Vampire placed 3rd in the nominations, and beat The Aviator, eXistenZ and Platoon to get here, but received only 4 votes against…

Your #3 favorite is

This beautiful, heartbreaking film scored 14 votes, and passed Clear and Present Danger, Aquaman and Spider Man 1 to get here.

Your Runner up for Favorite Willem Dafoe Movie is….

This, uh, unbalanced film scored the 2nd most points in the nomination process, and beat Auto Focus, Mississippi Burning and The Grand Budapest Hotel to get here, but, in a tight 14 – 11 battle, it just could not beat….

(This is a modern re-cut of the movie.)

This controversial movie (which I have sadly not seen) was in 6th place in the Nominations, but beat John Carter, The Simpsons Movie, and The Life Aquatic to get here.

Good sometimes, can beat Evil.

Thank you for playing, and we’ll start up another one here shortly!!