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The Friday Politics Thread Hearing Test

The Friday Politics thread wants to know if you are a candidate for a Rudy Guiliani Voter Fraud Hearing. Please answer the following yes/no questions. Score 1 point for each Yes answer unless otherwise noted)

Are you a racist?

Against your own race? (2x)

Are you high on goofballs?

Do you think bedazzled jackets imply illegal activity?

What if they spell out a dirty word?

Should eye contact be illegal?

Should voting be illegal?

Do you think any of the Trump family has ever done anything wrong? (-10x)

If you have a score of 2 or greater, congratulations! Rudy would like you to sign an Affy David that you saw something bad happen in one of 7 states (state TBD).

As you wait for us to tally your score, please remember the Friday PT rules – no McSquirrelling, no being mean to other posters, no hog poggle, no Ben Garrison, no calling me names unless they are very creative.