Comic Book Review – What I Read Over Thanksgiving

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday visiting my Mom and family. While I was back home, I spent my mornings drinking coffee and reading comics. I found a 10 pack of random DC Comics at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Here are a few mini reviews of the comics I read.

Detective Comics #990

Batman has finally given up trying to rehabilitate Two-Face. When the spy organization Kobra leads an assault on GCPD headquarters, the armed men are stopped by…Two-Face? Gordon tells Batman that Harvey Dent is trying to solve a case he had just before he was scarred with acid. Is Dent’s personality finally in control or is this a well-planned trap concocted by Two-Face to kill Batman? 

This was part two of a storyline during James Robinson’s run on Detective Comics. I am interested in seeing what happens next with the Karl Twist case and how Kobra is involved. I also want to know if Batman and Two-Face can put their differences aside long enough to work together to find the answers and bring the guilty party (or parties) to justice.

Batman – Prelude to the Wedding – Red Hood vs Anarky

In this one-shot, Batman asks Jason Todd to keep a watchful eye on Selina Kyle during her bachelorette party. The night is boring for Jason until Bizarro contacts him about a group of people planning a bombing in Gotham City. Tragedy is averted when Red Hood locates the men and stops them in their tracks. Jason soon uncovers a plot formulated by Anarky that could lead to massive chaos in Gotham City and the death of hundreds of innocent bystanders, including Selina!

The plot to destroy Gotham is well thought out by Anarky. It is both ingenious and insidious and shines a light on the current ills and troubles we find in our society today. I was genuinely shocked at who helped inspire Anarky’s plan. I enjoyed this one-shot, but I feel many may have missed out on it since it was under the Prelude to the Wedding banner. Some comic buyers tend to skip tie-in issues. This would have been better suited as a done in one issue in the main Red Hood and the Outlaws title.

Batman #52

Mr. Freeze is on trial for the death of three women. The jury decides to find Freeze guilty of these heinous crimes, except for one lone holdout – Bruce Wayne! Bruce must prove that Mr. Freeze is innocent without revealing to the jury that he is Batman.

This issue was a re-read for me. I found the first two issues of Cold Days to be a page-turning thriller. Bruce Wayne must try to change the minds of his peers with the facts before them, keeping what he knows as Batman close to his chest. He must also try to persuade the others that Batman is the guilty party in this criminal case.

Tom King did a great job bringing Bruce Wayne to the forefront during his run on Batman. Readers got a better understanding about the man behind the cowl and King showed the more human side to the Dark Knight, a hero that is more emotional than he lets on, filled with pain, sadness, fear, and guilt.

Batman #55

As much as I have praised Tom King in my previous post, his run on Batman was far from perfect. Batman and Nightwing take on the Phantom Pharaoh and spend a large part of this issue on patrol during an ordinary evening. By the end of the night, both Batman and Nightwing will be rocked by tragedy.

I was not a fan of Nightwing’s portrayal in this issue. Dick Grayson comes off as annoying and grating on my nerves. He tries too hard to be funny and it reminded me of some of Will Ferrell’s half-baked portrayals in his movies. I know Dick is supposed to be lighter in personality compared to Batman, but Mr. Grayson was too much for me.

Snake Eyes – Agent of Cobra #4

The biggest surprise of the comic pack was this issue because G.I. Joe is owned and published by IDW. Why it was included with other DC Comics is a head scratcher. That being said, I really enjoyed this issue. This is the first G.I. Joe comic I read as an adult. Storm Shadow is trying to kill Billy, Cobra Commander’s son. The only one that can save Billy is Snake Eyes, now an Agent of Cobra. The action in this story is fast paced from beginning to end. I probably read this issue the fastest out of all the others to see what would happen next. Unfortunately, the battle between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes takes places next issue. I am definitely thinking about picking up this series in trade paperback to see what happened in the previous issues. There are also a few dangling plot threads I would like to see resolved in issue five. 

If you are wondering about the other five issues, two of them were issues I previously read and I decided to put in bags and boards and put away for safe keeping. The other two I brought back to Pittsburgh with me on a previous trip that I haven’t gotten to read yet. The last one is number six in a miniseries that I’m holding onto for the time being. I need to read the first five issues before number six.

As much as I love comic packs, I did not get any number one issues in this one. There should be at least one number one issue so you can read a comic title from the very beginning. Better luck next time, I guess.

Out of the five issues read, here is how I would rank them.

Batman #52

Batman – Prelude to the Wedding- Red Hood vs Anarky

Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #4

Detective Comic #990

Batman #55

I hope to have another set of mini reviews for you in January after my visit home over the Christmas holiday. Next time, I’m thinking of reading some comics I already have but didn’t get a chance to read. I found a plastic tub of comics featuring late 90s Spawn, Spider-Man, and X-Men.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Feel free to tell me what you read over the holiday in the comment section below.