30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 3: The Game The You’re Playing Heavily Now

No, not right this minute!

For today’s challenge, we want to know what game it is that’s occupying most of your time when you do get the system powered up. For most people, myself included, it’s a one game at a time world and switching between games isn’t easy since our mind is focused on mastering what we’re actually playing. It’s one reason whenever I bought I new console I learned a long time ago to buy just one new game with it as the others invariably almost never get played.

This year marked the first time I wasn’t able to buy in on a new console upon release so I’m feeling a bit lost on that front and have otherwise occupied myself with the Steam game that has dominated my playtime for the past year with Cities: Skylines. I grew up as a huge fan and player of SimCity and this gave me that evolved into a way that I really like as it’s more detailed oriented city building. I only play for maybe three hours a week but it’s completely my thing and I love taking the time to basically engineer and puzzle solve trying to make it work.