The Book Nook

photo credit:  Lydia

Welcome to the Book Nook!  This is the weekly thread for Avocados to discuss books we’re currently reading, recommendations, genre, and serious literary criticism. 

This week’s recommended discussion:  In the spirit of the New Cult Canon created by Scott Tobias on the AV Club, what books should be in the cult canon?  Older, oft-discussed books like A Confederacy of Dunces and Left Hand of Darkness definitely belong; but what weird, excellent, highly memorable works haven’t we talked enough about?  Which ones do we talk about so much that they are shoe-ins for the canon?

Because we’re here to use our words, this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone.  The OTs are full of clutter, and I want to keep that out of this thread. Images related to a post are fine, though.

upcoming topics:
12/9:  bio/memoir/autobio (h/t Colonel Mustard)
12/16:  gateways to the classics (h/t Malice Aforethought)
12/23:  highs and lows of 2020
12/30:  ring in the new for 2021

Book Nook posts every Wednesday at 8:15 AM Eastern.