WW 137: Agents of W.E.R.E.W.O.L.F. – Day 5

Spewing fire out of its compartments and behind it as it rolled down the hallway and surprising speed, the Mail Robot attempted to enter a base elevator – only to run into a cloaked figure. 

“Robots have caused me enough trouble. I don’t want any chance of you getting in my way” the figure said. 

The Mail Robot responded by spewing out a letter at the cloaked figure. It read “Beep Boop, the both of us have bigger problems to worry about. There’s a threat the rest of you haven’t yet unmaked, and even if you’ve guessed at what it might be, you don’t fully understand what it’s capable of yet. Let me keep trying to send it to hell. Take me out, and your options for taking care of it start running sparse.”

The Cloaked figure tore the letter to shreds. “That’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’ve got my own letter for you.” It took a green letter out and threw it into the Mail Robot’s fiery compartments. “It’s an offer from Hulu. Make the jump from broadcast to streaming, and star in your own pilot!” 

The Mail Robot excitedly made its way off the base, riding off into the distance, getting in the way of many pedestrians along the way.

“Heheheh” the figure laughed wickedly. “They’ll never pick it up to series! You’re headed for development hell!”

RPC / Mail Robot is dead. He was the SPIRIT OF VENGANCE (Alternative Allignment). 

Peter Parker was at work in the lab, studying samples from many victims in the past week. 

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. I thought it might be something like the symbiote at first, but there’s something else to it. Like, it taps into a whole other dimension.” 

Suddenly, one the very specimens Parker was looking at suddenly sprung to life, flying into him. He croaked, slipping to the ground.

His lab partner, the other Peter, heard him fall and came running over. “What’s wrong Spidey?”

“One of them went inside me” Parker answered. “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Peter.”

“We’ll try to help you then —”

“I don’t think I stand a chance. It’s going to burst and kill me, like the others. You should get away now, or it’ll kill you too.”

“No” the other Peter said, moving closer. “We said would try to never be apart, and I meant it. I’m now letting you die alone. I’ll stick with you until the end.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Call me by your name, and I’ll call you by mine.”



As they embraced, the creature inside Peter burst.

DW / Peter Parker is dead. He was a SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR (Town Doctor / Lover)

Beezlebot / Peter is dead. He was a SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR (Town Doctor / Lover)

Blessie the Hellcow had heard all the commotion on base, and left her stable to look into it. She heard a voice behind her. 

“Looking pretty suspicious, hanging out at night”

“Hey, I’m just kind of nocturnal!” Blessie said as she turned around. “You? You’re not exactly the vigilante I thought was coming for me.”

“Maybe not. But I thought it was time to shake things up.”

The earth rocked, and sent Blessie the Hellcow flying over the moon to her death.

Josephus / Blessie the Hellcow is dead. He / she was an AGENT OF SHIELD (Vanilla Town). 



12 4– S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (Vanilla Town)


2 – Scientific Advisors (Lovers / Doctors)

1 – Hacker (Investigator) 

1 – The Cavalry (Jailer) 


5 1 – Agents of Hydra (Scum Faction)


1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – AIDA (Rival Faction Leader) 

1 – Spirit of Vengance (Alternative Alignment – Win Condition to kill the other two Alternative Alignment Players. Power to investigate at night a player as Supernatural or Natural. Two Shot vigilante) 

Inhumans (Separate Count)

1 – The Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  1. Agent Sister Jude / Colin Robinson
  2. Agent MSD / Rick Justice & Lisa “Frenchie” Fuqua Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  3. Agent Owen / The Koenig Brothers  Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  4. Agent Louie / Michael Scarn 
  5. Agent Thoughts / Celia Myst
  6. Agent Sic / Nigel Uno AKA Number One The Cavalry (Jailer)
  7. Agent Ralph / Mary Worth  Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  8. Agent April / Repair Man Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  9. Agent Tiff / Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  10. Agent Hoho / Space Possum Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  11. Agent RPC / The Mail Robot Spirit of Vegance (Alternate Alignment)
  12. Agent Hols / Fangirl
  13. Agent Indy / Blade
  14. Agent DW / Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man Scientific Advisor (Lover/Doctor)
  15. Agent Raven / Janice from HR Life Model Decoy / Originally Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  16. Agent Josephus / Blessie the Hellcow Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  17. Agent  Side Character / Sev’Ral Timez Mac / Slick Mickey
  18. Agent Nate the Lesser / Indeterminate Number Of Pugs
  19. Agent Narrowstrife / Kickle Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  20. Agent SheleetaHam / Sandy the Super Sanitation Engineer Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  21. Agent Beelzebot / Peter Scientific Advisor (Lover/Doctor)
  22. Agent Emm / Kitty  Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  23. Agent Wasp / Big Wheel AKA Mary Proud Agent of Hydra (Wolf) / Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)
  24. Agent MarlowSpade / Gene Rayburn
  25. Agent Mr. Plow / Yo-Yo Ma Dictabird / The Chairman 


  1. Malthusc 


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