The Tuesday PT Searches For Meaning

I sit here on the edge of a Day Of Thanks (I say from the past!). I vacillate between bewilderment in a sense at what I feel I somewhat fell into, and an acknowledgement I haven’t always lived up to expectations. But such is the human condition. Unless you’re an asshole.

Speaking of, I’m sure we all mumbled a “DADDDDDDDDAMMMMMMMHEYAAA!!!” sort of thanks for the elections results. I’ve been of the mind that until we get through the Giving of Thanks we can’t quite get gaudy with our shit, but I will for damn sure have a party! Well, I mean my household will make food and have fun. it seems appropriate to truly start looking forward to the new year now that we’ve given Thanks for what has come to pass. I, for one, hope to not get fired. Your desires may vary.

There was one thing I never wanted to let go of that happened. I held the future in my hands while my past was right here. I am blessed. And fucking cursed, screw you ghosts *waves away*

One thing I also want to recognize is that I’m a bit…akimbo in my approach to these posts. I appreciate your at least feigned tolerance. I know you know that I come from a place of affection. As such I’ve deleted several versions of this post that are a bit…akimbo. We all get along to get along. But if somebody wanted to just say, “Hey Art, you know what? Nobody else drops insane bird logic on us every Tuesday and I just want you to know I recognize that.”, I might appreciate that. ‘s all I’m saying.

To leave you off on something that maybe will give you at least mild amusement, could it be possible Trump was the Fool that will fuel our Progressive dreams? Who knows? Not I! By and By a Fool am I!

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you got em.