Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Nov. 30

Here are today’s contestants:

  • Ben!, an accountant, whose wife dealt out 52 things she loves about him;
  • Tracy, a college administrator, spent time at a tiger reserve in India; and
  • Ryan, a legal technology professional, likes escape rooms. Ryan is a three-day champ with winnings of $78,203.

Ryan gradually edged away from his opponents and finished the game emphatically on DD3, leading into FJ with $25,800 vs. $6,600 for Ben! and $4,100 for Tracy.

DD1 – $400 – THE BIRDS & THE BEES – Mason & carpenter bees are classified as this type that practices social distancing full time (Tracy lost $500 from her score of $200.)

DD2 – $800 – GEOGRAPHY – One of the 2 landlocked South American nations; both have Spanish & Guarani as official languages (Tracy won $1,000 from her third-place score of $1,500 vs. $6,600 for Ryan.)

DD3 – $800 – HAVING AN ARGUMENT – Senator, 2 minutes for this segment of a debate, to attack elements of the prior argument such as its assumptions or its relevance (With one other top-row clue remaining, Ryan won $6,000 from his score of $19,800 vs. $6,200 for Ben.)

FJ – COMEDY MOVIES – In the original script for this 1975 film, the title object was finally found in London’s Harrods department store

Only Ryan was correct on FJ, adding $523 (his father’s birthday) to win with $26,323 for a four-day total of $104,526.

Triple Stumper of the day: The players missed on the first three selected clues in AUTHORS’ MIDDLE NAMES, including that of Western scribe Pearl Grey (Zane).

Daily Double deviations: Curiously, all three of the Daily Doubles were located in the second row from the top, and twice, a player (Tracy) with a score of less than the top clue value of the round wagered exactly half of the maximum bet allowed.

Pedantry corner: I guess “a black fly in your Chardonnay” is ironic because the fly is black and the wine is white? Seems like a bit of a stretch, but I’ve never won a Grammy, so what do I know?

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is solitary? DD2 – What is Paraguay (or Bolivia)? DD3 – What is rebuttal? FJ – What is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”?