WW 137: Agents of W.E.R.E.W.O.LF. – Day 4

After tossing the Koenigs off the Quinjet to their deaths, Selina Kyle confidently walked over to return to the rest of her team. “These Agents of Hydra aren’t so tough” she remarked. “I’m not sure they’re even up there with the Kobra Cult.”

Cloaked Figures stepped out of the shadows to meet Selina. “Yes, Selina, there’s no denying you’re one cool cat. But now we’ve uncovered your darkest secret.”

“Oh really? And what’s exactly is that?” she asked.

The figures held up copies of 2004’s Catwoman on DVD.

“Nooo, you put that away right now!” she yelled, before she was buried to death under a bargain barrel’s worth of copies of the film.

Tiff / Catwoman AKA Selina Kyle is dead. She was an AGENT OF SHIELD (Vanilla Town).

Meanwhile, Sandy the Super Sanitation Engineer was back on bathroom mopping duty, where she found a strange, black, gooey substance all over the ground.

“This is disgusting” she said. “Maybe I ought to tell the scientific team run some tests on it. Could lead to some useful information.”

Someone came up behind her. “Oh no, that would be a very bad idea.” Before Sandy could even turn around to look her, an alien creature went flying though her, killing her instantly.

SheleetaHam / Sandy the Sanitation Engineer is dead. They were an AGENT OF SHIELD (Vanilla Town).

“Damnit” remarked the director when he heard the news. “Two more fallen agents. We’ve got Hydra on their heels, but clearly’s there’s more going on here than we currently know.”

He pondered this problem. “With how much of our team is gone, our resources are limited. But if we got together and figured out what was most important for us to focus on, we might just stand a better chance. It’s time to call everyone in for a meeting.”



12 7– S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (Vanilla Town)


2 – Scientific Advisors (Lovers / Doctors)

1 – Hacker (Investigator) 

1 – The Cavalry (Jailer) 


5 2 – Agents of Hydra (Scum Faction)


1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

Inhumans (Separate Count)

1 – The Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)




  1. Agent Sister Jude / Colin Robinson
  2. Agent MSD / Rick Justice & Lisa “Frenchie” Fuqua
  3. Agent Owen / The Koenig Brothers  Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  4. Agent Louie / Michael Scarn 
  5. Agent Thoughts / Celia Myst
  6. Agent Sic / Nigel Uno AKA Number One The Cavalry (Jailer)
  7. Agent Ralph / Mary Worth  Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  8. Agent April / Repair Man Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  9. Agent Tiff / Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  10. Agent Hoho / Space Possum Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  11. Agent RPC / The Mail Robot
  12. Agent Hols / Fangirl
  13. Agent Indy / Blade
  14. Agent DW / Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man 
  15. Agent Raven / Janice from HR
  16. Agent Josephus / Blessie the Hellcow
  17. Agent Mac / Slick Mickey Side Character / Sev’Ral Timez
  18. Agent Nate the Lesser / Indeterminate Number Of Pugs
  19. Agent Narrowstrife / Kickle Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  20. Agent SheleetaHam / Sandy the Super Sanitation Engineer Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  21. Agent Beelzebot / Peter
  22. Agent Emm / Kitty 
  23. Agent Wasp / Big Wheel AKA Mary Proud Agent of Hydra (Wolf) / Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)
  24. Agent MarlowSpade / Gene Rayburn
  25. Agent Dictabird / The Chairman Mr. Plow / Yo-Yo Ma


  1. Malthusc 


Twilight will be at 2PM EST on Tuesday, December 1st.