Comic Review – Sasquatch in Love #1 (of 4)

Writer – Jason Nutt

Artist – Alexis Vivallo

Dating is hard for everyone in the 21st Century, even Sasquatch! Holden is the last of his kind and he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Dr. Vogel and his new assistant, Grace, are hunting for the legendary cryptid in the woods one day when Holden stumbles upon the pair. Holden sees Grace and falls madly in love with her. Holden asks his friend Felix for his help to woo Grace. Felix thinks this is a bad idea especially if Dr. Vogel finds out about Holden’s existence.

Since the pandemic started, I have been ordering my comics from Things From Another World. Every weekend, I get an email about the final order cutoff (FOC) to pre-order future comic and graphic novel releases. I came across Sasquatch in Love from Action Lab Comics awhile back and I decided to order it.

The premise of this mini-series is both hilarious and heartfelt. Felix and Holden are close friends that spend a lot of time together. Felix is the only one that knows about Holden and he does his best to protect the creature from being discovered by the rest of the townsfolk. Felix will have his hands full trying to keep Holden from pursuing his love interest. Felix eventually relents and follows Grace and Dr. Vogel around town to learn more information about Holden’s paramour. The course of true love is never easy and there will be a few obstacles Holden will have to overcome in order to be with Grace.

After reading the first issue, I thought to myself that this would make a great animated series. I could see it making the leap from page to screen on Adult Swim or Fox’s Animation Domination. Of course, after the success of Harry and the Hendersons both on the big screen and on television, I wouldn’t mind this becoming a live-action sitcom.

Before I started reading this issue, I noticed the T rating on the front cover. The subject matter is appropriate for high school age kids but I wish the series would have been for all ages. There aren’t a lot of comic series that I can share with my nieces and nephew. If Sasquatch in Love was all ages, I would have definitely shared this with them.

Sasquatch in Love #1 was released on November 4th, so it’s not too late to track down a copy before Issue #2 is released on December 2, 2020. All four issues are currently available on ComiXology if you want to read all of them in one sitting.