Comic Book Chat – The Justice Society of America’s 80th Anniversary

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Today’s Discussion – The Justice Society of America’s 80th Anniversary

The United States will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. In honor of this celebration, I decided to post a thread dedicated to the Golden Age Superheroes of the JSA.

I reguarly read the third volume of the series back in the early 2000s. I also had Earth 2 on my pull list before the series came to a close.

Who is your favorite member(s) of the JSA?

Which JSA storyline is your favorite? Bonus points if you can tell us your favorite JLA/JSA team up.

Would you like to see a new JSA comic book series? If so, which lineup would you like to see back in action.

All topics concerning the Justice Society are open for discussion.

Feel free to share a few questions with the other commenters down below.

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