30 Day TV Challenge Day 25: What’s Sat The Longest In Your Queue

The queue is a dangerous thing. When it’s fresh and new it’s easy to fill up with the things you want to watch.

But then you start to have multiple queues across different services.

And more shows get announced.

And then there are always those few things sitting at the bottom of your queue that you never seem to get to because the time isn’t right, the mood isn’t there, or something.

And maybe, just maybe, you forget why you added that.

Going back to my TIVO days, having had one of those beasts since they first launched, I’ve always had a queue of some sort and often it’s because I’m waiting on others to be in the mood to watch. But I’ve made progress in the last few years with two different approaches; one of them is sticking to a schedule to watch certain things in order to get them done quickly. The other being to cut shows that I just won’t get to. So my backlog isn’t so bad, to be honest, but new things keep getting added.

What qualifies as my older show in the queue are the two seasons of the Korean drama Kingdom on Netflix that I have. It’s one that I can’t second-screen since I want to pay attention to the subtitles and because I really want to soak up the details and nuance of it. But as I empty out the queues on other services, this one gets closer and closer…