30 Day TV Challenge Day 23: Your Most Frustrating Character

One of my favorite late 90s TV shows was Newsradio for a lot of reasons. I was a huge fan of Kids in the Hall so I liked seeing Dave Foley there. I, like many, loved Phil Hartman and getting a weekly dose of him int his form was utterly delightful. And there was a lot of good stuff with Maura Tierney and Stephen Root.

But the show had me struggling when it cam to Andy Dick’s character. I’ve never been a fan of Andy Dick in just about anything and his inclusion here was the one thing that felt really off. The character archetype itself was standard, but Dick’s performance was one that just failed in all the worst ways when it came to the over the top goofy character that most comedic actors crave to play.

Bonus Question: What actor don’t you like at all but has managed to pull off a character that you couldn’t help but to love their performance of?