Marbula One Season 2: Honeydome GP

And after yesterday’s exciting qualifiers, we’re off with race number 3 of this years Marbula One!

The first 3 laps are actually dominated by the host team’s Bumble. Minty Drizzle is close behind but not able to surpass Bumble. Speedy of the Savage Speeders is the other big competition for Bumble, starting out strong from the primary position. Snowy had a strong start as well, pushing their way into the top 5 by the finish of the first lap. Yellow Eye establishes the fastest lap time early on in spite of their lurking in the back half of the top 10.

The start of lap 4 sees Momo work their into first. Speedy is close on Momo’s heels while Bumble has fallen into 3rd. But it doesn’t last, Speedy overtakes Momo and lap 5 has the two of them along with Bumble coming up the belt simultaneously. Bumble gets the strongest start coming off the belt and looks good….until the next lap where Bumble stumbles off the belt and Speedy once again races out in front. At the halfway point its Speedy, Bumble, Momo, Starry, and Yellow Eye in the top 5.

The next few laps see Speedy relatively retain their lead while the other racers jockey for position. A lot of bumping and slamming into walls and barricades (especially that early split which seems to slow down a LOT of marbles again, I don’t think I like that split). Speedy’s lead is just under 2 seconds. Yellow Eye, who had lost the fastest lap time to Clementine, would regain that position while attempting to work themself into the top spot.

Speedy is in the lead at the start of the final lap. Starry works their way into second, Bumble has a bad lap and really seems to be struggling, falling into 5th behind Yellow Eye and Momo. The lead is a second and a half but looks larger. Speedy holds on to get their team a huge point haul! Starry closes the gap to under a second but has to settle for silver in this race. Yellow Eye, Bumble, and Momo round out the top 5.

The Speeders first medal lets them jump 14 spots in the overall standings! They are now 5th behind Crazy Cat’s Eyes, Team Momo, Bumblebees, and the Green Ducks. Starry also got their team a big jump, up to 8th overall thanks to their silver medal here.

Next weekend, the Oceanics will be hosting!