30 Day TV Challenge Day 22: Your Favorite Streaming Service

The advantage of streaming was the whole a la carte experience at last that you could never get with cable. You get the stations/channels you want with the app and you don’t have to pay for things you don’t want. It works out for me as I’m not a sports fan so my various apps aren’t paying for that since I’d never actually use it.

But I don’t think a lot of people saw the app-creep coming with original works spread out across so many that ended up being must-see projects, causing folks to expand what they actually have. And if you’re a movie junkie, especially right now where it’s impossible to get to the theater, having large libraries of films available is a boon. But it’s always the original programming that draws you back.

When it comes to original programming, which streaming service is your favorite? 

I personally still have to stick with Netflix as they have the most originals that I watch and continually draw in new originals from around the world, not just my home market, which is what delivers to me exciting new things.

Bonus Question: Which service do you wish you could get rid of for various reasons?

I’m still frustrated by having CBS All Access because I’m a Trek junkie. I’m curious as to how the rebranding will go next year as Paramount+ and if it’ll truly have more to offer. Thankfully, my DC Universe subscription is going away soon since all the original content there is going to HBO Max.