The Weekend PT Is Rather Ticked Off at France

Hey, remember when Macron positioned himself as the moderate choice compared to Le Pen and is now running around treating Muslims like he’s been possessed by [redacted reference to WWII]. Following several terrorist attacks over the past several years and rising tensions against Muslims, Macron has called prominent French Muslim leaders together to come up with solutions.

NOW, for nuance sake, the proposed list of new laws going around the internet right now is a draft law and idk, I guess I’m hoping some of that stuff is on there so he can make a show of removing it during negotiations but if not JESUS CHRIST. The laws include all Muslim children having identification numbers which sounds a lot like uhhh… past events.

France prides itself on its secular state (and as an American that concept DOES sound lovely, admittedly) and society, leading to tensions with the Muslim community. France has the largest Muslim population of Western Europe, and some of the laws of Islam do forbide freedoms the French hold very dear (political cartoons of the prophet). In an ideal world, the converging of state leadership with Muslim leaders to find common ground and balance secularism with relgious freedom would lead to increased safety and protection for Muslims while upholding French principles. But on the heels of such attacks, this sort of arrangment does not look particularly hopeful. Instead, Macron’s push against extremism threatens to treat law-abiding, practicing Muslims the same as potential and actual terrorists, which I assume will only radicalize populations further and lead to even more hostitility, attacks, further laws impinging on freedoms, and the cycle repeats.

I don’t necessarily know what the right answer is. I don’t live in France, I don’t know how “safe” the streets feel or how everyday people are treating their fellow man. But Macron’s idea of handling the situation doesn’t feel great. It feels like othering and punishing those who share a religion with terrorists, who will continue to attack no matter what happens (see Y’allQueda, US) Still, I’m not the President of France, so maybe I don’t know anything.