Home Alone Day Thread

The family comedy Home Alone celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this week (released November 16, 1990). I’m going to let that sink in a minute…feel old yet? My mom bought this on VHS for the family to watch. My uncle pointed out everything wrong with the movie before it became a popular thing to do.

Fun Fact – Before Joe Pesci was cast as Harry Lyme, Robert De Niro was offered the role. After turning it down, Jon Lovitz was offered the part. Luckily he turned it down and the role was filled by Mr. Pesci.

The movie grossed 283 million dollars domestically on an 18 million dollar budget.

It’s become a beloved staple for many of us on the Countdown to Christmas.

The movie spawned numerous sequels and we were treated to an updated look at Kevin’s Christmas shenanigans thanks to Google’s holiday themed commercial a few years ago.

Have a great Saturday and treat yourself to a large cheese pizza this weekend!