30 Day TV Challenge Day 21: The Show You Want A New Generation Of

One of the things I loved about Star Trek: The Next Generation was that it took the property and moved it forward. It didn’t reboot or or remake it in the same way with some tweaks. They moved it forward in time several decades, changed the landscape of how things worked all around, but adhered to its core principles. So many shows just make cosmetic changes when they get the reboot slapped on them that you end up missing out on what actually made it work the first time. We do see more and more taking the “next generation” approach, especially when the original actors are able to come back as “adults” and their “kids” take the lead, but these can be hit or miss as well.

So what we’re looking for today is what show you’d love to see get a proper Next Generation approach where it would advance decades and introduce us to something very different than before? I’d love to see where the Babylon 5 world ended up a hundred years later and what could still be lurking out there. Like DS9, this series was ahead of its time but gets the short end of the love stick because of a lack of streaming. I really want this to be rediscovered and for it to gain a new life.

Bonus Question: Are there works you’d rather see a prequel of?