The Avocado Sells Out

The Avocado Sells Out

So, I’ve been kicking around a better way to ask if people are interested in doing reviews/interviews for stuff we get in. I think a once… monthly? thread might be the best way.

What I am going to do is post bands/movies/comics/shows etc that we have been asked by PR reps to review or interview. If you are interested, please let us know in the comments. Once we’ve set it up, you will need to email the modmail and we will forward the PR email to you and you can set up everything else with the PR rep.

REALLY IMPORTANT THING: If you do sign up PLEASE do your best to get the post up in a timely manner. If we want to keep doing these sorta things, we have to show that, as a collective, we can be at least somewhat professional.

Here’s what we got (it’s a LOT of music this month, not always gonna be all music but that’s just what’s in the hopper):

Lauren Calve – Musician

The Imaginaries – Musicians

Chris Bosh – NBA Star/Hip Hop producer

Zach Brandon – Musician

Bastion Benjamin – Musician

Marya Stark – Musician

Eulene – Musician

SLIFT – Musicians

Psychotic Monks – Musicians (French speaking I think)