DaFinalFoe or DaFoeNal: The Finals

Thanks to @Lamb Dance and @BritishCuisine for being much more clever than me.

Like the rest of this tournament, no upsets, no close calls.

The Last Temptation of Christ triumphed over Shadow of the Vampire 30 votes to 12, which means Good does win in the end. Meanwhile, Cuckoo The Lighthouse handily painted over The Florida Project 25 votes to 14, which means Chaotic Good is the best WoW / D&D alignment.

And in the end, we have the goodness of Christ versus the madness of Thomas Wake. In these crazy times, who will emerge the Victor? Only YOU can decide.

We’re also voting for 3rd and 4th place, and why not give us your own Top 3 / Top 5 / Top 10 / whatever favorite Willem Dafoe performances. And should we go with a Classic Hollywood star for our next round?