The Petula Clark Birthday Thread

On November 15th 1932 in Ewell, United Kingdom the iconic musician/ actress Petula Clark was born. Although she is probably best known for her string of  60s-70s hits, her career began during World War II and she was still performing well into 2019. 

She has appeared in more than a dozen of movies incuding the musicals “Finian’s Rainbow”(1968) and “Goodbye Mr. Chips”(1969)

In 1968 she appeared on a TV special performing a duet with Jamaican-American singer Harry Belafonte. During the performance of her song “ On the Path Of Glory” she took hold of the arm of Belafonte, much to the dismay  of a representative of the program’s sponsor; The Chrysler Corporation.  The rep was concerned  that viewers in the U.S. South would boycott the show, and his company, because of the interracial contact, and demanded a reshoot distancing  the two singers. Clark and her husband Claude Wolff, the show’s producer, refused and sent the program to be aired unaltered.  The Chrysler representative was fired. 

She even appeared on the Muppet Show in 1978

At 88 years old she shows no sign of stopping, appearing a London production of Mary Poppins in 2019

My favorite Petula Clark song:

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