Marbula One Season 2: O’Raceway GP Qualifiers

The second race of the second season of Marbula One sees the O’Rangers hosting. With a sand covered portion of the track (featuring 10 turns in total) they immediately differentiate their raceway from what we saw in the Minty Mania GP. The bottom 4 teams are eliminated, and the top 8 move onto Q2.

It’s a very loud crowd in the O’raceway as the Q1 race gets underway, the racers are going 2 at a time to set their qualifying times, with the top 16 getting to compete in today’s GP2. Cerulean and Honey are the first 2 marbles to set qualifying times. The track has changed from last year and moves faster (the first pole time is just over 23 seconds compared to last year’s 30+ seconds). Cerulean is the lead qualifier to start through the first half, with Pulsar giving the strongest run at beating their time. It’s not until the 7th pair of qualifiers that Snowstorm passes Cerulean by nearly half a second. Its a short lived lead though as both Billy and Wispy beat their time by just under a fifth of a second. Wispy sets the mark with an even 22.5 second qualifying time! Meanwhile its Minty Fresh, Ruzzy, Hazy and Lemon Lime who will not move onto the GP (very disappointing for the Minty Maniacs, two consecutive failures to qualify).

The top 8 moving onto Q2; Wispy, Billy, Snowstorm, Cerulean, Pulsar, Tumult, Red Eye, and Bolt get set. Billy is the one to leap out to a good size lead in the first lap out of two. Wispy is hot on their heels. But its Red Eye who makes some incredible moves to pass both competitors and take Q2. Pulsar is the 4th place finisher to join the trio in Q3. The first lap of Q3 sees Billy take the lead again but Wispy is right there with them and pulls ahead at the start of the second lap and refuses to relinquish it back. Wispy and Billy hold tight to the top two spots, with Pulsar and Red Eye finishing 3rd and 4th respectively and setting up the starting positions for the O’raceway GP later today!