30 Day TV Challenge Day 15: Your Favorite 90s Syndicated Shows

We’re going to help out a bit here with a look at the first-run list of syndicated US shows here for this one. This was a time when you had things like the Action Pack and PTEN blocks that put together shows to try and market them better for the networks that weren’t the big three/four.  But let’s keep this to the live-action side as we’ll do the animated another day.

Which show from the syndicated side was your favorite from the very busy 90s period when these kinds of shows had a boom? We’re looking for the one that you remember the best, but let’s also get into the weeds with the other things that you loved. 

I fall way too easily into trying to decide between Babylon 5 and DS9 but that’s partially because B5 doesn’t have easy streaming availability to revisit and poke at like DS9 does when it comes to the 90s side. 

Bonus Question: Which have you revisited that haven’t stood the test of time?