Werewolf 136 – The Oregon Trail – Beginners’ Game

This is a game intended for beginners. The rules will be relatively simple and as straightforward as I can make them. If I have failed to cover something here, please feel free to ask.

Veteran players are welcome to join, and are in fact a valuable resource to help new players, but priority will go, in this order:

  1. New players (fewer than three games played at the Avocado)
  2. Players who haven’t played in a while
  3. Veteran players (I leave it to you to determine which of these groups you fall into.)

Don’t worry if the list looks full, the game can be easily expanded to accommodate everyone who wants to join (although I’m not looking to recreate Captain Video’s WWI game here, there are limits).

This is a game of Werewolf. In short, some of you will be wolves, the rest of you are townsfolk. Your team wins when the other team is eliminated (or the outcome is mathematically guaranteed). The roles employed in this game will be Werewolf, Vanilla Town, Detective, and Jailer. We will be using other names for the sake of storytelling flavor, but the rules remain the same. If the signup sheet grows large enough, I will also add the Serial Killer to keep things moving.

See the primer here for standard rules.

[spoiler title=”Rules for this Game”]

  • Tied votes at Twilight will be decided randomly among the players tied for first.
  • “No Kill” is not an option. Each day phase will end with someone being killed by the group as a whole. Votes can be rescinded at any time before twilight with “No Vote” but if the day somehow ends without any votes on the board, that just means everyone is tied for first, and may the RNG have mercy on your souls.
  • If at any time more than 50% of remaining players have a vote on a single player, the day immediately and automatically ends (along with game-related discussion). This is the case whether I’m there to call it or not.
  • The Jailer cannot jail themself, and they cannot jail the same player on consecutive nights.
  • The Detective will receive results of “Wolf” “Not Wolf” or “No Result” (the last being if they or their target was blocked by the jailer). If we include the Serial Killer, that investigation would return “Not Wolf”.
  • A night action must have a player able to carry it out. Specifically, if there is one wolf remaining, and they are targeted by the jailer, then there is no wolf remaining to carry out the kill. This is not likely to come up except possibly in the very late stages of the game.
  • Order of night actions: Jailer, then all other actions, as allowed. This should not result in any conflicts or confusion, but I like to get it out there, because the question always comes up.[/spoiler]

While you check out the primer, you may find it useful to sign up for Quicktopic, as that’s where all roles will be given out, and where you can ask me any questions you have about the game without letting everyone else know (say, questions about your role, for example). An account at Quicktopic isn’t strictly necessary as you can view and comment without one, but it can be useful to help find your links easily. Furthermore, if you have a role (everyone other than Vanilla Town), Quicktopic will be where you convey your night actions to me, and for Wolves, where you will collaborate in secret.

As I said at the beginning, this is a game specifically designed for beginners, so please feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and if I’m not around, veteran players are an excellent resource as well.

[spoiler title=”Players”]

  1. Lutair (V)
  2. Otakunomike
  3. Captain Video (V)
  4. Hoho (V)
  5. Adam Farrar (new!)
  6. Mr. Plow (new!)
  7. KiwiLemonTea (new!)
  8. Wasp
  9. SheleetaHam
  10. Dramus18
  11. So and So
  12. Beelzebot
  13. forget_it_jake (V)
  14. SisterJude
  15. Canadave87
  16. Narrowstrife
  17. MarloweSpade


  1. Goat
  2. Inndy
  3. Grumproro