30 Day TV Challenge Day 11: The Longest-Running Series You Watch

The way TV has changed over the decades is definitely fascinating as it works a kind of natural evolution at times, from live productions to pre-recorded and then the slow coming seasons and seasonal runs for them, with some being just for one and others going for a longer. Then, with the advent of streaming, we’ve seen a lot more playing around with format and length to tell a lot of different stories.

Today’s challenge is to tell us what the longest-running series you watch and what keeps drawing you back to even after all this time.

For myself, I have to go with One Piece simply because here I am writing reviews for almost 950 episodes of it so far since it started in 1999. I didn’t start doing individual episode reviews until I got into the simulcast during the early 400 episode range, so I’ve got almost 500 or so of those written so far. And a few more years to go at least. But the series won me over during that 400-era range as the callbacks to earlier episodes, characters, and storylines helped to reshape events and move it forward in a new way. It can get a bit complicated and the weight of so much material problematic at times, but that’s rare compared to the show’s other problems. But week after week, I’m there every Sunday morning at my desk watching a new episode and soaking up new adventures.