30 Day TV Challenge Day 10: Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon

Being born in the early 70s and growing up watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, which was where you usually could only see them on some of the half dozen channels you had access to, was one of those glorious times. I can still fondly recall getting the TV Guide Fall Preview and going right to the kids section to see what new shows were coming my way, what the schedule was, and lamenting the loss of some shows that didn’t get renewed. It was all mysterious to me at the time how it worked but I loved it and the discovery of shows. From enjoying Smurfs on a basic level to the weirdness of Snorks.

Some of this will definitely be regional as I know some shows that I saw on weekday afternoons were weekend shows elsewhere in the syndication stretch but there should be a good bit of general universal elements to this. So, what we want to know today is two-fold in our challenge. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon when you were a kid and what show did you hate the most back then but you still watched.

For me, I have a long, long affection for the animated Dungeons and Dragons show because it still felt surreal that we even got anything mentioning for the game.

And the most hated for me that I still watched was the Dave and Goliath show because at 6am when you’re up as a kid, you’ll watch anything.