30 Day TV Challenge Day 9: Your Favorite Miniseries

The miniseries isn’t what it used to be but we do see some coming up from time to time. Also known as a limited series, they’ve been around forever with classics like Roots and Shogun and events like the original V movies that were done over a few nights. In the modern era, they’re not quite as common as they used to be because it’s easier to get a production to run a couple of seasons and tell a larger story (and make more money) but they’re still out there. What’s your favorite miniseries? There are a number that stick with me over the years but I have a strange personal affection for the ABC miniseries Wild Palms. It was Lynchian without being Lynch, had an interesting view of the future that was weirdly realized in certain perspective, and it re-introduced me to the beautiful music of Ryuichi Sakamoto while also delivering some fantastic songs from the 60s in a stylized near-future world.

Bonus Question: Which miniseries would you love to see a modern remake of? I’m still hopeful for a good modern Shogun miniseries.