30 Day TV Challenge Day 7: Your Favorite Opening Sequence

There was a time, not that long ago, that opening sequences for TV shows were practically forbidden. A few shows had something resembling on, especially if they were an older show that did their best to retain it, but advertisers and marketing executives saw these as bad things. They were 90-second blocks of time that not only took away from advertising time but also provided the viewer a chance to decide to NOT watch the show they were on, seeing the ever-familiar opening again.

But as the boom in streaming shows came along and there was an attempt at making things really creative in order to use the opening as part of the marketing, that began to change. Everyone will see a different piece that helped to push them over the edge to being cool again and I’ll personally always think of the Game of Thrones opening that was a big part of it with both music and design.

Answers below can break them out to different genres if you want, i.e. comedy, drama, SF, etc, but in general we want to know which opening sequence is your favorite?

I watch a ton of anime so I get inundated with new openings every season with some high profile acts performing the songs and we may do a separate question for that medium. But within this one, The Expanse comes close to topping my list but I have to give it to Westworld. Just something about the minimalist aspect of the sound as it grows and the visual design just scratches a deep itch within me.

Bonus Question: What’s your least favorite opening?