The Jean Grey Day Thread (11/5)

Today is the birthday of the fabulous Famke Janssen. Full disclosure: I have no idea if this is her birthday or not. The Nov. 5 wiki says it is, but the wiki for Janssen has her birthday unknown. It’s like she mindwiped her true age from out of our collective consciousnesses! But it was going to be her or Bryan Adams, and I could only go so far making jokes about Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams (whose birthday it also is today) before running into the horrible mess that is Ryan Adams’ life.

The Dutch actor is probably best known as Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-Men movies. Despite the recent films that rebooted the characters, Janssen will remain the platonic ideal of cinematic Jean Grey. She appeared as the psychic omega-level mutant in five films. I always thought it would be nice if she appeared in a cameo at the end of Logan as well.

Most of us also remember her from as the femme fatale assassin, Xenia Onatopp, from the James Bond film Goldeneye. Onatopp’s preferred weapon: her impossibly strong thighs. While other female Bond villains are known for their finesse, Onatopp was unique in having her signature be blunt force.

Janssen got to camp it up as the main witch in the mostly forgettable Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. I… honestly don’t remember much about that film other than Hawkeye was in it and Janssen was delightful.

Janssen also was in Blacklist: Redemption. She played Scottie Hargrave, the mom to original show regular Tom Keen. So many uncomfortable moments when it looked like she was coming on to her own son.