The King Smurf Day Thread has Become a Dictator

King Smurf is an episode of The Smurfs that begins with Papa Smurf having some shit to do, so he leaves the Smurf Village, instructing the Smurfs to finish construction on the damn dam or else all of their homes might flood. Brainy Smurf, eager to try his hand at leadership, declares himself king in Papa’s absence, and though he is initially met with smurfing resistance, he is able to seize power remarkably quickly.

What follows is–all kidding aside–a shockingly smart story about how perceived democracy can devolve into dictatorship, with the episode being as hilarious as it is alarming. It was one of the only times in the show’s early years when it directly adapted one of the original Peyo comic books, which may account for why it stands out as much as it does. But I won’t spoil it. Take twelve minutes out of your day, relax, and enjoy this cartoon about little blue people who live in mushrooms which sadly applies to the “real world” all too frequently.

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