Avocado Day Thread

The Day Thread is GO! (November 2, 2020)

I think we can all do with the most positive thoughts possible today … so what gives you a little boost when you need it?

The song ‘GO!’ by Public Service Broadcasting does for me. From their 2015 album ‘The Race For Space’ it features various samples from Apollo 11’s successful landing on the Moon, primarily the “Go/No Go” check as the flight controller Gene Krantz called out to each team whether or not to proceed with the powered descent. I can picture everyone in the command centre completely dedicated and singularly focused on ensuring the mission succeeds safely.

And when Neil Armstrong looked out of the window of the lunar module, he saw their target area was a football field-sized crater strewn with boulders. With a heart-rate of 156bpm, he took control to pilot the lander semi-automatically. With Buzz Aldrin calling out navigational data, Armstrong successfully found a safe landing spot with less than a sixty seconds worth of fuel remaining. The Eagle had landed.

Retro? GO!
Guidance? GO!
Control? GO!
Surgeon? GO!

Have a great day, stay safe, and be well, everyone!