Halloween Marble Race 2020

Well we have ourselves a special Halloween themed marble elimination race; apologies for not having it up yesterday, I only learned it was posted about 12 hours ago (granted these have happened for a couple years running so uh…I should have seen this coming). Eight marbles, running through a somewhat tricky course surrounded by spiders, disembodied eyes, and (of course) ghost marbles. Spooooooooooooky! The eight competitors this race are Gremlin, Blood Moon, Frankenstein, Casper, Booberry, Ectoplasm, Jack O’ Lantern, and Will O’ the Wisp. The marbles will run the course 5 times with each last place finisher being eliminated and taken away to be feasted on in the spider’s web. The run will take them down a long, candle lit hallway, through a haunted house and finally through the sand surrounded by eyes eternally watching our racers.

The first run doesn’t see anything too crazy until the end when an eyeball is dislodged and ends up in the finishing spot with the marbles. Ectoplasm finds themselves as the first marble to be sent to the spider web. Run number two sees two marbles stall out right at the start of the race so the camera doesn’t even follow all the way to the end. Gremlin went the shortest distance and would join Ectoplasm. On the third run it looked as though Jack O’ Lantern would also malfunction out of the gate but they recovered enough to run the course, albeit finishing far behind the other remaining marbles leading to their own trip to the webs.

Final two runs! Who will be the top 3?? Will O’ the Wisp….wouldn’t be one. Another rough start and then some trouble in the house saw them finish behind even the ball bearings! Ouch. To the web! The final run sees drama as Booberry gets stuck early only to be dislodged by Frankenstein (perhaps ol’ Franky likes a fair race?). Frankenstein did himself a disservice but still managed to place on the podium as Casper would find themselves the final marble sent to the webs. Blood Moon, Boo Berry, and Frankenstein were the top 3 as the Halloween edition of this race came to a close.

– No Roldo here, perhaps he was frightened of the ghosts?
– This is Blood Moon’s second consecutive year finishing first overall.