30 Day TV Challenge Day 1: The Show You’re A Booster For

With as much TV as I consume it can be hard to remember a lot of shows once you get a little distance from them. For our opening day question, there’s one show that I push on folks whenever I can and that’s Swamp Thing. I was a huge booster of the DC Universe concept from the start when they were going to do original programming and while Titans has its issues, the service nailed things beautifully with Doom Patrol and Stargirl. But for me, Swamp Thing was the work that went beyond the others. Canceled before it even dropped its first episode, it’s an incredible work of passion that you see on the screen and going through this weekly and all the potential that it could exploit while managing to deliver great things episode after episode, I was sold from the first episode and an evangelist for the series by the end.

While canceled, and hopefully porting to HBO Max, the series is getting broadcast on The CW this fall to fill in the pandemic gaps. It’s likely going to be edited for time and content a bit but I can’t recommend this enough. 

Bonus Question: Which show do you wish wasn’t as overpromoted as it is?