Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (October 28, 2020)

Welcome to The Avocado’s weekly discussion of Japanese pop culture! I’m a big fan of Japanese candy, so let’s talk about some of our favorites today. Pocky is a classic favorite of mine, and it was the first Japanese treat I ever ate. It’s fairly common in grocery stores today, which is nice. Although I wish we had these special Halloween Pocky! Hi-Chew is another favorite that I can happily find in some stores. I love fruit candy, and Hi-Chew is bursting with so much fruity goodness. I also really love any milk-based candies, like Milky’s soft chews, but those are harder to find in stores. One candy that I haven’t tried but would really like to is any of Lotte’s plum candies. They look delicious! How about you all? Do you like Japanese candy? Have any favorites?

And, as always…

What have you been watching/reading/playing/eating/listening to lately?

Happy Wednesday! 🙂