Marvel Zombies 3 Day Thread

Marvel Zombies 3 is a superhero/horror miniseries written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Kev Walker with covers by Greg Land.

Earth 2149 was ravaged by a zombie outbreak that turned everyone into zombies, including the Marvel Super-Heroes of that universe.

Some of the zombies that survived ( including Zombie Deadpool) find their way to Earth 616 via the Nexus of All Realities. Their goal – to satiate their unending hunger! Will the main Marvel Universe survive the shambling horde or will it be consumed and left to rot?

I was a fan of the original two Marvel Zombie miniseries but my interest waned with the release of the third volume. I’m thinking of going back and rereading the first two miniseries again and completing the ones I missed.

Tell us which superhero or supervillain could survive in a zombie apocalypse scenario in the comments.

Have a terrific Tuesday and a great week!