The Weekend PT was going to write about the Polish Abortion Ban but got depressed

However, there are protests happening over it, so not all hope is lost. Poland already has some of the strictest abortion rules in the EU, with estimates referenced from the BBC saying there are around 200,000 ILLEGAL abortions already happening each year. And I was going to talk about some more statistics like the main cause for abortions (malformed fetuses, band name up for grabs) talk about the opinions of protests and clashes with police in Warsaw, all of that, the way that women are rising up and protesting they are not given equal respect. I was going to mention that abortion is now only legal in cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s health is at risk (which is probably still less restrictive than some of the GOP’s plans) and that more than five cities are currently on night two of protesting because of it. I even considered pointing out the similarities to another country in how the ban was passed, as the party that challenged the ruling was also the party that nominated a majority of the judges ruling on the case.

And then I guess, I finished up by pointing out we should be paying attention very closely to see what works in these protests, what Poland does to press forward and protect the right to bodily autonomy, and take really good notes, because we are probably going to need it.