Two Indie Comics to Read for Spooky Season

Hi folks! I’ve never written a post for the Avocado before, and I’m not that active outside the Politics Thread and the Comic Strip Club, so you may not recognize your friendly neighborhood koala of evil. Still, I feel like the Avocado is my extended family – think of me as the mad aunt your family keeps locked in the attic, silently listening in on your conversations. 😊

Now, if you’re like your wicked old auntie here, this time of year puts you in the mood for all things creepy and mysterious. In light of that, I thought it would be fun to share my two mystery/horror webcomics. (Hope it doesn’t seem tacky to do some self-promo…but I know we have a lot of comic readers here, so I thought folks might enjoy seeing comics created by a fellow ‘Cado!)

The Curse of Crooked Mile is an all-ages mystery comic set in a sort of Lovecraftian version of early 1900’s California.

It’s got all your favorite gothic tropes—orphans with newfound creepy family, mysterious servants lurking in the cobwebby halls, cults, ghosts, mad scientists…you name it, I’ve thrown it in there 😀 (Let’s just say I’ve had more than one teacher remind me of the ol’ KISS rule! I ignore them gleefully.)

My newest comic, Ninecrow, just started this month, and I’m posting a page a day through October. It’s set in 198mumblemumble, when a girl named Amanda moves to an isolated small town with her mom following her parents’ divorce.

Amanda’s trying to be cooperative about the move, but her mom won’t explain why they’re there, or even how she heard of the place.

As Amanda explores the town and learns about the decades-old disappearance of a girl about her own age, she starts to fear she’s in danger too. Meanwhile, her mom’s behavior grows ever more detached and bizarre… (Quick content warning: Ninecrow is darker than Crooked Mile — nothing graphic, but some dark stuff is hinted at, like ritual murder.)

If you’ve a mind to check them out, I’d appreciate it! Here’s where you can find them:

Ninecrow: Webtoons, Tapas,

Crooked Mile: Webtoons, Tapas,

And hey, while we’re here…anyone want to share some spooky stuff in the comments? Your artwork, a favorite creepy photo, a real-life eerie experience, perhaps…? I’m all ears! (And eyes. It’s…not pretty. That’s why I’m locked in the attic!)