Sports Corner Salutes Doc Emrick

Mike “Doc” Emrick announced his retirement on Monday. Emrick had a stories 47 year long career as a hockey play by play man, working for the Devils and the Flyers, and also for pretty much every American TV network that showed NHL or Olympic hockey. He brought a mix of deep hockey knowledge, sheer enthusiasm, and the ability to make a sometimes incomprehensible game clearer for new and casual fans. It’s fair to say he’s the best hockey voice America ever produced, and Sports Illustrated even once called his the best play by play man in any sport ever. I wish him well on his retirement. And if you are wondering, he actually has a PhD in communications, so “Doc” is not just a nickname.


  • Tua Tagovailoa will be starting for the Dolphins this week. Even though Ryan Fitzpatrick is having a great season. Weird.
  • The Dodgers put on quite a show last night, didn’t they? But it’s just one game.
  • The coaching merry go round continues to spin the NBA
  • For better and for worse, Big Ten football starts this weekend.
  • Steve Cohen inches closer to getting approval on his purchase of the Mets

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.