The Eldritch Night Thread

Given that we are fast approaching my favorite holiday, I thought I’d spend four Night Threads highlighting some of my favorite, but lesser known, horror games. Our second game is…Eldritch!

Released in 2013, Eldritch is a roguelike created by David Pittman. Going beyond homage and into straight-up adaptation, Eldritch tasks the player with fighting their way through dungeons populated by Lovecraft’s creations, including obscure monsters like the Mi-Go and the Serpent Men of Valusia. Gameplay-wise, Eldritch features Minecraft-like graphics melded to first-person stealth combat reminiscent of Dishonored.

You can also bean Deep Ones with a glass bottle.

Disturbing Content Rating: Minimal, the game can get tense and might cause inadvertent jump scares, but the overall style is mostly cute.

Availability: PC, only seems to be on Steam.