Fast Food! Sunday Food Thread is on the Go 10/18

I rarely partake in fast food these days. When I was younger it was a quick solution to hunger while on the go, now I don’t mind spending time preparing meals and I’m better at planning ahead so there’s almost always something near at hand. Today if I’m at a drive-through it’s most likely for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee, and it’s even been a couple of years since I did that. The one exception is White Castle, I get a craving for those once in a while and have to grab 4 or 5 to satisfy the itch.

What are your favorite fast food places? Not so much the fast casual restaurants but the true fast food places. McDonald’s coffee is always reliable and their fries are good until they start to cool down. Haven’t been to a Taco Bell in forever, I might try that out of curiosity one day to see how much it has or hasn’t changed since my college days when it was at least every other weekend.