Night Thread of Tarkin

I had a too many cans of IPA to write a well-researched article about a Japanese sci-fi film so instead here’s a header about my cat, Tarkin.

I got Tarkin five years ago from my Grandma who worked at a cat rescue. He was very shy so she’d thought he’d be perfect for me. According to her his previous owner, despite working at Petco, was neglectful and kept him locked in a basement all day He was skinny and had a long snout that I thought made him resemble Peter Cushing. But after a month he got fat and the name makes no sense anymore. He’s the sweetest cuddliest cat I’ve ever had, even if he’s sometimes a jerk to my other cat. Our initial meeting was an hour’s long process where I slowly drew him out from behind a couch with pets and carefully gaining his trust