The Friday Politics Thread has VOTED!

Good morning Politicadoes. The Friday Politics Thread and Mrs. Friday Politics Thread both finally received our mail-in ballots on Thursday afternoon. After careful consideration of all the candidates and issues, we decided to take RoRo’s advice and vote for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Also, Cory Booker. Also Bonnie Watson-Coleman. Also legal weed. Having done this, we drove down to our local fire station, where there was a county drop-off location. Having done so, we will now rest on our laurels until Election Day. We do miss the cool stickers we used to get.

Keep up the good work, PT. RoRo is proud of you all. She told me so.

No McSquirrels.

Clams will be addressed as they come.

No Pepper Games.


Have a nice Friday!

UPDATE: I can see that No Pepper Games is confusing some people, so here is the context: