Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Opening Lines/Messages (10/14/2020)

“G’day, fine person. Art thou interested in intercourse?”

I admit I haven’t yet tried that line on Tinder (Should I? — Probably not, right?). But still, one usually has to open the conversation somehow. So …

  • … what is your approach, if/when you find yourself in the role of the initiator? This can go both for dating apps and old-fashioned in-person social settings [1].
  • What are your experiences as the recipient? Anything you remember as particularly nice/something you appreciated? Or particularly … not that?
  • Red flags aside, is this something which actually matters to you when you’re the recipient?

As always, anything related to dating, relationships, intimacy and so on is fair game and welcome.

And of course, as usual: This is supposed to be a space to talk about intimacy and sex and relationships in safety, so don’t shame people for their kinks. But please also refrain from objectification and similarly problematic behavior. People are supposed to feel safe and comfortable here.

Have fun!

[1] For the children: These are concepts we in the epoch of BC19 (Before Covid-19) knew as a bar or a party, among others. I know these ideas can be difficult to grasp, so I’ve linked some helpful articles where you can read up about this bygone era. But to be brief: People used to be in the physical vicinity of other people without wearing a hazmat suit. I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me on this. And yes, it was indeed rather lovely!