Archie’s Rock Day Thread (Oct. 11)

Over 60 years ago Timmins, Ontario resident and avid hiker Archie Chenier happened across an unusual sight in the woods: an eight-storey high pile of delicately balanced boulders.

While no one can say for sure precisely how the boulders got there, the widely accepted theory is that a passing and/or melting glacier dropped them in the last ice age, back when the green dark forest was too silent to be real.

Archie’s Rock is notable for two things:

  1. There’s nothing remotely like it in the surrounding area that anyone has found. It is an unusual geological anomaly.
  2. Because of the surrounding terrain and the density and height of the forest, you can’t see it from a distance. You don’t know it’s there until you’re there. It’s remarkable that Archie found it. While there has been much logging and development in the area in the intervening years, back when Archie found it, to call the woods expansive in Northern Ontario would be an understatement. He found a needle in a haystack.

West of Timmins along Highway 101, the hiking trail to the rock can be accessed from an ATV trail that runs off of Little Star Lake Road. Just follow the signs…