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The Lady Snowblood Day Thread (October 9, 2020)

Directed by Toshiya Fujita, Lady Snowblood stars Meiko Kaji as Yuki, a woman born solely to enact violent revenge for her murdered and brutalized family; she is often referred variously as a mythic Asura demon, a child of the netherworld, and the physical embodiment of vengeance itself.

Released in 1973 and adapted from a series by manga author Kazuo Koike, it’s placed in the Japansese genre of Jidai-geki, or period drama, though it is drenched in the blood that sprays violently from the wounds caused by Yuki’s umbrella sword.

It is a beautiful, brutal film that stands on it’s own as a superb work of art, rather than simply being famous for being a movie ripped off by Western film makers.

Take care of yourselves and have an excellent day, everyone!